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If you want to join the ranks of those who improve their test pass rates, then you're in the right place. We'll help you significantly boost your chances of passing your Canadian citizenship test on your first try. With questions just like the real thing, unlimited tries, and gamified practice, you're on your way to test success.

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The Proven Canadian Citizenship Practice Test Website

Let's show you how to study the right way to pass your Canadian citizenship test in three easy steps.

Step 1


Download the Citizenship Guide
We strongly recommend that persons getting ready for the citizenship test download the Canadian Citizenship Guide - Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship. You can read it online, download it to your device or get a hard copy.

Step 2


Start Using Online Practice Tests
You'll realize how limited the practice tests are in the Citizenship Guide. That's why most students who want to pass turn to online practice platforms. With us, we give you unlimited tests to check your test readiness, plus free information to improve studying.

Step 3


Perfect Your Score
Practice makes perfect. So, the more you study the material, the easier it becomes to retain the information and understand what is being asked in the questions. See how much easier test day will be when you study with Practice Canadian Citizenship Test.

Boost your confidence to take on the Canadian Citizenship Test

Free online practice tests to improve your chances of passing on your first try.

We offer hundreds of test questions that are structured just like the real test. Not only does this get you familiar with the actual citizenship test, but it also gives you a format to study.

This supports the Discover Canada guide, as you can review the topics required to pass your test and see how the questions could be phrased.

The topics from the Discover Canada guide, which we cover in across our test questions, include:

  • The History of Canada and modern society
  • Rights and responsibilities of Canadians
  • The Government of Canada
  • The Canadian justice system
  • Important symbols of Canada

Choose the clever way to prepare for the Canadian Citizenship Test

The ultimate test platform that gives you a better chance of passing

As we've seen over the years, and the statistics support, persons studying to become citizens of Canada generally need more than the handbook. They need study resources that can guide how and what they learn.

So, to ensure they have a better chance of passing, they know they should invest time in a high-quality online practice test platform.

Users find that our Practice Canadian Citizenship Test site offers more than just practice tests. It is:

  • A perfect companion to the Discover Canada guide
  • A more effective way to study and faster too
  • A great tool to help with retention
  • Designed to help them improve their pass rates
  • The free resource that makes the most difference

Why Choose Practice Canadian Citizenship Test

We provide a fast and easy-to-use way to study for your citizenship test. This means getting accurate and up-to-date test questions, an easy-to-use test site, and mock tests to help you prepare.

Unlimited Free Tests

No limits on how often you can try a practice citizenship test. You may not get the answer on the first try, but we give you unlimited attempts until you can.

No Registration Needed

No registration or login is required to use our practice test site. We make it an easy, frictionless way to study without limitations, whenever, wherever.

Designed for 2023

The tests are routinely updated. We stay up to date to ensure that new material is captured in our questions bank so you can properly prepare for the test.

Just Like The Real Thing

The test questions are designed to be just like the real thing. The questions so closely match those in the real test that you'll not be surprised on test day.

Take control of your learning experience to pass your Canadian Citizenship Test

Learn what's ahead for the Canadian citizenship test and what you need to do to pass on your first try, especially when you prepare online. It's free and proven to improve your chances of passing the real test.

Most Effective Study Process

Studying for the Canadian Citizenship test doesn't have to be a long and difficult process. We've taken what works for students learning online and condensed them into a simple to use platform that improves test results.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Many people fail to adequately prepare because they rely solely on reading the citizenship guide. Don't fall into this trap. Pair the guide with the many benefits of studying practice questions online for better outcomes.

Just like the Real Test

No surprises on test day, and we help you eliminate the fear of the unknown. With continued use of our practice test site, each question in the real test becomes more familiar to you. So, you know what to expect and are prepared for it.

Try the Test Simulator

Experience what it's like to sit the citizenship test. The test simulator carries the same number of questions presented in the same way as the official Canadian citizenship test. This equals better test prep as you know what to expect.

See Areas for Improvement

Identify the gaps in your knowledge when you try the various online tests. You'll quickly see which areas you've mastered and where you need a bit of work. This allows you to focus on your weak areas for overall improvement.

Improve the Learning Experience

You get instant results and immediate feedback to each question with detailed explanations of the answer and why it is incorrect. The colour-coded answers make it easy to recognize your correct and incorrect answers.

Making It Easy to Ace the Canadian Citizenship Test

Rather not fail the Canadian citizenship test multiple times? Then it would help if you got in the right practice to ensure you can pass on your first attempt.

The Canadian Citizenship Test is a 30-minute multiple-choice test. It assesses your knowledge about Canadian history, laws, and your roles and responsibilities as a citizen. All this information is available in the citizenship guide, Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship. But for most applicants, reading the book alone won't help them pass the test.

Like you, they need to understand how the questions are phrased and the many ways the same thing can be asked. That's why we have hundreds of test questions Ð because the same thing can be asked in so many different ways.

The best way then to study for the test is to read the guide AND use practice tests. You need Canada-specific citizenship test questions and mock tests designed to be just like the real thing. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to get that minimum 75% pass mark (15 of 20 questions correct) to get one step closer to Canadian citizenship.

So, are you ready to become a Canadian citizen and make your mark for your new country? Start with Practice Canadian Citizenship Test and see how much easier it is to prepare for and pass this critical test for the next phase of your Canadian journey.

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Our Promise To You

We've helped numerous people take that first step to becoming a Canadian citizen. They find that our carefully created questions are all based on the citizenship guide to ensure they (and you) are studying the right thing. Here's how we're going to help you prepare to pass your citizenship test.

Self-Paced Study

With no registration or membership fees to be paid, you can study at your own pace instead of watching the clock and your pocket. You have access to all the material from your first visit to our site.

Convenient Access

Our platform is accessible 24/7 across most smart devices Ð phones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc. So, you can set your own schedule and choose when to study or take the practice tests online.

Faster Study Process

Save time and energy studying the right material from the start. Get all our premium features and add-ons that make it easier to study and get you ready for the big day faster than the guide alone.

Interactive Learning

Check your test results and keep track of your progress. Our highly interactive platform gives you instant feedback on all questions so you can learn as you go and improve what and how you study.


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