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5 Important Tips to Study for the Canadian Citizenship Test


We all know that you need to pass certain eligibility criteria before taking the Canadian Citizenship Test. Passing this exam will make you a Canadian Citizen. Now many people wonder if is it really the test that teaches you how to become a Canadian national. When you prepare for the Citizenship Test from reliable sources, you learn alot about the Canadian government, legal bodies, geography, values, morals, historical figures, etc. Studying for the test can teach you a lot and motivate you to become a responsible Citizen. Hence, the test holds great importance. Here we will share the tips shared by people who passed the Canadian Test.

Study From the Official Guide

Study Guide – Discover Canada – The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship is the reference and most recommended book that covers the syllabus. The PDF version of the book is free and available on the official website. You can also get access to ebooks and listen to the audio version. The book is comprehensive and provides detailed information concerning Canada's history, values, institutions, symbols, rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens, and more.

Many people who passed this exam have given their two cents on the Official Guide. Since the book is made by the government, you can trust all the information presented in this guide. Studying from the official guide as a primary source establishes your confidence, if you have a strong grasp on the content that you learnt.

Secondary Sources

Many Candidates also preferred to study from secondary sources after the official guide. There are various YouTube lectures and podcasts available on Spotify, google podcast and iTunes. You can learn the topics that you have memorized from the guide more in-depth and grasp the underlying concepts. If you are a passive learner and want to avoid reading material, you can always listen to the PDF version of the official guide or lectures available on the internet in your free time.

Breaking Down the Content

The syllabus for the Canadian Citizenship Exam is lengthy, and challenging but not impossible to learn. It is better to divide each chapter into topics and then topics into sub-topics. Don’t try to memorize everything in a few days. Keep in mind, that you need ample time to understand the content. It is better to make a study timetable and give a few hours to one specific topic daily. If you stay true to yourself and do not lose commitment and dedication, within a few weeks, you will be able to cover a huge chunk of your syllabus.

Practice with Mock Tests

To get a better perspective of the questions that you will encounter in an actual Citizenship exam, it is recommended to take as many mock tests as possible. These are replicated tests that are based on the competitive exam pattern. Taking Mock quizzes can help you win scores in the Citizenship Test.

Practice With Canadian Citizenship Test offers various features. First of all, the test is divided into various chapters, covering a specific topic. Once you ace one chapter, you go visit the other one. You also get access to real-time feedback. It means that you won’t have to wait till the end of the test to find the accurate answers to the challenging questions. Another important feature is that you get an explanation of each question that you find hard to solve.

The platform is free so the more practice you do with us, the more you enhance your preparation. There are more than 700 diverse questions. Solving all of them will instill various underlying concepts that you can use to interpret questions in the actual exam.

You will also have your own personal repository known as Challenge Bank. The Challenge Bank section will store all the questions that you find complicated to solve. Practising such questions again and again can enhance your learning process.

Practice Relaxation Technique for the Exam

Many people get anxious as their nationality depends on this exam. It is normal to feel stressed, scared and anxious. However, the only thing you can do is not to let it go to your head. You can practice any relaxation technique that you find suitable for your mind and soul.

You can learn to focus on your breathing. This can divert your attention from stress to relaxation. Taking short breaths can help you alot in this regard. You can also go for Aromatherapy. Applying plant oil on your wrist or the back of your hands before entering the examination hall can act as therapy and make you feel more relaxed. There are other relaxing techniques that you can try.

Keep in mind that you won’t lose permanent residency if you fail the test. If you didn’t pass the exam, take a few days off and then focus on your weakness as you are halfway prepared for the exam. You can always go for further attempts. The majority of candidates do not pass the exam in their initial attempts. Remember to stay motivated during this whole process and do not lose hope.

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