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How Can I Become a Canadian Citizen


In the last few decades, many immigrants have migrated to Canada due to various reasons including low crime rate, various job opportunities, fewer working hours and high minimum wage. Canada is well-known for its welcoming attitude towards expats, strong economy and provides a quality living standard. Canada also gives opportunities to immigrants to become Canadian. Here we will discuss how you can become a Canadian citizen.

More Than Just a Legal Status

Getting a Canadian nationality is more than just a legal status. It means that you are ready to respect the diversity in culture, people’s freedom and rights, and values and you are ready to take on the responsibilities to become a better Citizen. It also means contributing to the country’s prosperity and building a better future for yourself and your new home. In return, Canada will give you various benefits including

Right to Vote

You get the right to vote in federal, provincial, and municipal elections. You can also get elected in parliament. You also get the right to run for public office and make decisions that can positively impact your community in the long term.


Canadian citizens have access to various social benefits e.g. healthcare, education, social services etc. These benefits make sure that Canadians can thrive and survive in society regardless of their circumstances.

Dual Citizenship

Canada allows dual citizenship, so you can retain your original citizenship while becoming a Canadian citizen. It also means that you can maintain ties with your home country.

Children's Citizenship

If your children are born in Canada or to Canadian parents overseas, they are eligible for Canadian citizenship.

Employment Opportunities

Becoming a Canadian citizen can expand your career opportunities. Many job opportunities and government positions as well are exclusively available to Canadian citizens.

Protection Abroad

If you are a Canadian citizen, then you can seek assistance and protection from Canadian embassies while living abroad. This can be valuable, especially in emergency situations.

Canadian Passport

Canada passport holders can enjoy visa-free access to 188 countries. It is one of the most accepted and respected documents in the whole globe.

How to Get Canadian Citizenship

To make this dream come true, you need to go through different steps. First, you need to check the eligibility criteria because not everyone is eligible for citizenship. If you are eligible, then you are required to take the Citizenship Test

Permanent Resident

You must be a permanent resident and your PR status should neither be pending nor under review.

1,095 days (Three Years)

You should have lived in Canada for 1,095 days (three years) in the last 5 years immediately before applying.

Proficiency in English or French

The official language of Canada is English or French so you need to show proficiency in any one of these languages.

Income Tax Filing

You need to provide proof that you have submitted your income tax returns to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or the tax authority of your specific province or territory for at least 3 years.

Good Moral Conduct

You need to show proof of your good moral conduct and no criminal record. However, some exceptions won’t impact your application process. e.g. what is the nature of the offence or how much time has passed?

Take the Citizenship Test

Last but not least, you need to pass the Canadian Citizenship Test. The test is computer-based and held at a local IRCC office. The test is designed to assess your understanding related to Canada's history, values, geography and symbols, as well as the rights and responsibilities of citizens. Passing this test is one of the most crucial steps. The most recommended source for preparation is the Discover Canada booklet. This guide covers all the syllabus including Canadian Government,  Law and Justice, Economy, etc.

The Citizenship Ceremony

Once you have cleared all the steps and passed the Canadian Citizenship Test, you will be invited to attend the Citizenship Ceremony. During this ceremony, you will take an oath to become a responsible citizen and pledge allegiance to the King of Canada. After this, you will receive a Certificate of Canadian Citizenship, which is an emotional moment for the majority of the people.  This ceremony holds great importance and it is mandatory to attend.

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