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What If You Fail the Canadian Citizenship Test


Those immigrants who got permanent residency and fulfilled all the requirements are eligible for the Canadian Citizenship Test. The Canadian Citizenship Test is important because it determines whether you can be a Canadian Citizen or not. The test is computer-based with 20 MCQs. In order to pass the test, you need to identify 15 accurate answers out of 20 MCQs. The test assesses your knowledge concerning the Canadian government, laws, legal bodies, democracy, monarch, geography, economy, values, culture, etc. You also need to know English or French before taking the test.

Not every candidate passes the exam on their first attempt. If this happens, it's alright. Failing the exam won’t snatch your permanent residency. All you have to do is to prepare for the exam and retake it again. The second test will generally take place between 4 and 8 weeks after the first one. It also means that you have now more time to study.

Test Preparation

You can’t prepare for the test in one setting. The syllabus for the exam is lengthy and needs a lot of dedication and time. Many people take months to memorize the content. The most reliable and free source of preparation is from the official book Discover Canada: Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship. The book is available on the government website in the PDF form.

You might find many challenging topics in this book that are difficult to memorize. Do not skip them. Give additional time to such chapters and use the internet or listen to the podcast to elaborate on your understanding. You can also take the classes to re-examine your guidebook or get help from seniors who have passed the official citizenship exam.

Language Barrier

If you believe that your preparation is good but were unable to understand the questions during the exam, it means that you need to work on improving your language skills. You can take English or French classes to improve your listening, reading, writing and speaking ability. Keep in mind that you will never pass the exam, if your French or English is weak.

Pinpoint Your Shortcomings

We all encounter questions in exams that we find challenging and struggle to answer. Therefore, before retaking the Canadian citizenship test, it's important to thoroughly review those topics. You can also ask the citizenship test officer if they can offer you the answer sheet to assess the questions you flunked. Taking notes and working on your shortcomings can help you alot in preparation for the next retake exam.

Retake the Practice Citizenship Test

Our practice citizenship practice test is divided into chapters, allowing you to streamline your preparation by solving mock quizzes chapter by chapter. This approach, as opposed to taking one comprehensive test, can aid in better information retention. You can also access a challenge bank section on our website where all the questions that you didn’t answer correctly are saved. You can visit your personal repository of stored questions whenever you have time and solve them to enhance your preparation.

Exam Stress

Exam stress can impact the overall performance. It is a coping mechanism of your body. It is okay to feel anxiety and panic during the exam but not okay, if you don’t work on it. Exam stress can affect your judgment and question interpretation. It can also lead to rushing answers and cloud your critical thinking process. In severe form, it can affect your cognitive ability. There are various ways you can avoid exam stress.

You can consume different antioxidant foods that reduce stress e.g dark chocolate. You can also practice different relaxing techniques like slow breathing and meditation. Many people also prefer to use aromatherapy oil to release stress. All you need to do is find out what method works best for you.

Restlessness State

Many times candidates fail the test not because they didn’t prepare well enough but because they didn't give rest to their body. Nervousness and too much physical and mental exertion can impact your thinking ability. Make sure to get plenty of rest before the test day and consume healthy, energizing food.

Time Management Skills

Many candidates spend more time interpreting and analyzing challenging questions. This can impact your overall performance with respect to time. Solve the questions that are easy for you in the beginning. Now after this, you will have ample time. Utilize this time duration in solving complicated questions.

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